Have you ever noticed how many DIY programs there are on the telly?

Have you ever noticed how many DIY programs there are on the telly?


I was flicking through the TV guide in my paper recently and noticed
that there was a new series of DIYSOS starting. Of course we all know
the basic idea behind this series, a householder with limited
building,decorating,plumbing, or electrical skills starts a project
only to find that they have bitten off more than they can chew and they
run into trouble.

Eventually, the DIYSOS team are “parachuted” in to resolve the situation.
Then we all watch transfixed as the professionals sort out the stalled
project in a few days, and make it all seem easy.

I was reminded of this TV series by a case that we were involved in
recently in the Magistrates court.

A client contacted us several days after appearing in court without a
solicitor. He was charged with speeding offences, but unfortunately
when he pleaded guilty he had more than 12 points on his license within
a three year period and therefore faced an automatic six month ban.

However, these “automatic” bans can be avoided if a motorist can show
the court that he or she would suffer “exceptional hardship”. Our
client had attempted to demonstrate this but clearly been unsuccessful
and was banned for the full six months.

He contacted us asking if we could appeal the decision. We of course
told him that we could and immediately lodged a notice of appeal with
the Crown Court. At the same time we made an application to have his
disqualification suspended until the appeal was heard which would
effectively put him back on the road. This was successful and within a
few days of contacting us he was able to drive again.

The appeal was heard within a few weeks, we had him represented by a
very experienced barrister from London and I’m pleased to say that the
appeal was successful.

Had our client asked us to represent him at the magistrates court we
would have done so for a fixed fee of £600. As it turned out our client
had to pay a lot more than that to mount a successful appeal.

So what’s the point of the story I hear you ask?

Well realistically, the law is a bit like any other skill. Most of us
can give it a go but there will be times when we are out of our depth.
Employing a solicitor to represent you in a Motoring case need not be
expensive or time-consuming and it can ensure the right outcome rather
than weeks or months of stress and inconvenience.

I’ve got to be honest, when I need some electrical work done in my
house I never do it myself I get an electrician in………

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