We understand how stressful the breakdown of a relationship can be and how important it is for you to get the right legal representation.



Here at Richard Brown & Co we wholeheartedly understand how stressful the breakdown of a relationship can be and how important it is for you to get the right legal representation as soon as possible and as economically as possible. We have decades of experience in helping clients through the complexities of divorce and financial matters and most importantly offer a personal, approachable service, where you can feel at ease.

We like to keep things straightforward for each and every one of our clients, providing a plain speaking, honest approach and keeping things clear without bombarding your with jargon!


We offer all new Divorce and Family clients an initial one hour consultation for £75 + VAT. To book an appointment please telephone us on 01733 311472 or contact us by email at [email protected]


Often the most difficult part of divorce or separation is sorting out the finances. However this needn’t be stressful and with proper legal advice and a positive approach most couples reach a solution without going to Court.

At Richard Brown & Co we offer full service to assist clients reaching a financial settlement by any one of the following routes:-

1. Agreement between the parties.
2. Agreement between the parties after mediation.
3. Agreement between the parties after negotiations via Solicitors.
4. Agreement between the parties during Court proceedings.
5. Settlement imposed after a final hearing at Court.

At our initial consultation we will try to identify which is the most likely outcome in your case and we give you a clear indication as to the fixed fee we offer for that service or alternatively the hourly rate that we will charge if a fixed fee is not appropriate.


There are 5 ways to get divorced: Adultery
When your partner has been seeing someone else and you find it intolerable to go on living together.

Unreasonable Behaviour
When your partner has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to continue living together.

Two years separation with consent
This is available where you have lived apart for two years and you both agree to a divorce.

If your partner leaves you and you do not hear from them for two years.

Five years separation
When you have been apart from your partner for more than five years you are entitled to a divorce whether they agree to one or not


It remains one of the most disappointing aspects of modern family life that so many children don’t see their parents as often as they would like and that even when contact does take place it can lead to arguments between parents.

We are also aware from many years of doing this work that a lot of parents suffer in silence thinking that the law cannot help them or it will be too expensive to go to Court.

The law does give you rights and is there to help you. Please call us on 01733 311472 or email us at [email protected] to book your initial fixed fee interview of £75 + VAT to discuss these matters in more detail.


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