We believe in charging fair and affordable fees, offering certainty and reassurance in uncertain and worrying times. Legal Aid has all but disappeared for divorce cases and has now been severely restricted at both the Magistrates and Crown Courts. However we understand that during legal proceedings you don’t need any additional burden or worry which is why we offer clients a range of fixed fee packages:-

Divorce Fixed Fees
Divorce (Petitioner) – £500.00 plus VAT*
Divorce (Respondent) – £250.00 plus VAT
These fees do not include the Court fee of £550.00 which has to be paid to the Court at the outset of the case.

Financial Settlement Fixed Fees
Deed of Separation – £500.00 plus VAT
Standard Financial Order agreed by consent – £600.00 plus VAT plus Court fee of £50.00.
Pension Sharing Financial Consent Order – £750.00 plus VAT plus £50.00 Court fee.
Change of Name Deed (same day service) – £50.00 plus VAT.

Hourly Rates
For more complex financial or children cases it will not be possible for us to agree a fixed fee at the outset of the case but we will nevertheless give you an estimate as to the likely costs you will incur.   For these kind of cases we will charge at an hourly rate of £170.00 plus VAT. We are proud to say that this significantly undercuts most of our competitors.

Costs Estimate
We will give you an estimate as to the total cost of your case in your first interview and let you know if this estimate alters later on.

Regular Bills
We will provide you with regular bill updates and interim bills throughout the case. All of our costs are calculated and recorded electronically so if at any stage you want to know how much has been done all you need to do is ask and we will be able to provide this information quickly.